RSA online Courses

If you are looking forward to work in the hospitality industry, tourism sector or any place where alcohol is served or sold, you would have to undergo a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certification. The intent of the course is to educate the servers or sellers of alcohol on how to prevent intoxication, drunk driving and underage drinking so that the chances of accidents or other crimes are reduced.

What does RSA course include?

This RSA Certificate aims at creating awareness about the perils of serving or selling alcohol to an already intoxicated person, or a person who is underage. How much alcohol can you serve a person in a restaurant or bar, how to identify an already drunk person and refuse to serve them anymore. This course intends to make you aware that if you have served too much alcohol to any individual and that person has met with an accident due to over usage of alcohol, you can be punished for this. This course will make you aware of how to serve alcohol in a responsible manner.

where to get rsa online

In Australia, a RSA Certificate is mandatory if you want serve or sell alcohol. If you plan to serve or sell alcohol in different states, you would have to undergo different courses, because the laws to serve or sell alcohol may be different in other states.

Why choose an online course?

· Flexible timings- You can choose the timings to complete an online course.

· You can learn at your own pace. You have time and you can understand the subject at your own pace. You can go in for multiple repetitions and the video wouldn’t get angry or say you are dumb.

· Online courses are cost effective. You will be saving out on your travelling expenses.

· You wouldn’t have to take leaves from your office or from your college to undergo an additional course.